At JL Audio, subwoofers are serious business and an essential part of their formula for great marine audio. A running powerboat produces a huge amount of low frequency noise, which is impossible for small full-range speakers to overcome. Adding a subwoofer not only gives you vastly better low-frequency output—it will help your whole system sound cleaner and louder, too. JL Audio’s reputation as a leader in marine audio was built on the quality of their marine loudspeakers. We build them with the most durable materials and assemble all of them with precision in our Miramar, Florida factory to withstand real marine duty. JL Audio offers two series of marine speaker systems: M3 and M6. Both series are available with, or without RGB lighting.
JL Audio’s cutting-edge marine amplifiers benefit from decades of engineering experience in switching amplifier design. They deliver superb sonic quality, while drawing less current per watt of output. This allows them to be more compact, run cooler, and reduce stress on your boat’s electrical system. From their ultra-compact MX amplifiers, to their state-of-the-art MVi models with integrated DSP, you are certain to find the right model to fit your system’s needs. Whichever one you choose, you are getting a serious amplifier, designed to make great audio in your vessel.
Quality audio begins with a clean signal from a well-engineered source unit. Their MediaMaster®️ marine source units are built to withstand the harsh marine environment, while offering connectivity to all your media devices and multiple zone outputs that give you full control of the sound throughout your boat. Each Mediamaster®️ model features a beautiful high-brightness, full-color LCD display designed to be visible in bright sunlight. Your playlists will sound amazing!