Ultimate In Stress Free Docking SeaStar Solutions®️ is at it again, creating a retrofittable Optimus 360 Joystick Control System that is compatible with twin, triple, and quad Yahama®️ EST controlled outboard engine configured boats. As well as twin and triple Suzuki®️ EST controlled outboard engine configured boats.
For centuries, people have been steering boats by brute force. While cable steering, and more recently hydraulics, have made steering easier, the prime mover is still the arms and hands of the captain at the wheel. But all of that has changed. SeaStar Solutions is proud to announce a historic change in boat handling, with its revolutionary Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS) for single, twin, triple and quad outboard engine boats. With Optimus EPS, you can take command of your boat without having to arm-wrestle for control.
We are proud to be an installing and servicing dealer for Optimus 360 by Seastar. You owe it to yourself and your vessel to learn more about how manuvering and docking can be made easier with Optimus 360!