Sleipner was founded in 1908. The main Sleipner products for the first 70 years has been marine engines and propeller equipment. The Sleipner engines were very popular in Norway and many Norwegians have a history with these old charming engines, either themselves, or through their father, grandfather or even great-grandfather!
Sleipner has always been known for their uncompromised level of quality. Back in the old days, Sleipner was particularly proud of being one of the few manufacturers at that time with their own foundry. The sentiment was to keep production in-house to be able to obtain the necessary level of quality. This is still their sentiment, and today, they are equally proud of their modern factory lines with modern High-End CNC benches. With their dedicated focus on quality and control, their factory is ISO 9001 approved by the DNV GL. But, equally important as any certifications, is the people who actually manufacture the products. Every single one of their employees are trained to ensure an absolute level of quality before any product ever leave their assembly lines.
At Sleipner, a huge number of the employees are dedicated boaters themselves. By spending time at sea, in sometimes less than ideal conditions, they have surely learned the absolute dependency you have to your vessel and the on-board equipment. With their substantial industry legacy in mind, they strive to engineer and manufacture products you can rely on. To Sleipner, the fact that an overwhelming number of the world’s leading boat builders choose Side-Power in their precious vessels, tells us that we are on the right track. Let us, at R.C. Marine, get you started with the best, today!