What is ABYC and why does it matter to you when you choose a service provider? ABYC stands for American Boat and Yacht Council. The ABYC develops voluntary global safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of
recreational boats.
All ABYC standards meet USCG requirements and many exceed the USCG requirements. This means that when you hire an ABYC Certified Master Technician you are assured that the work being performed is at or beyond the level that the USCG requires. ABYC certified technicians are required to undergo rigorous training and re-certifications to remain current with the latest in marine service guidelines.
At RC Marine Electric, we are very proud to be recognized as an ABYC Master Marine Technician service provider. We continue to invest significant time and money into gaining and keeping this certification. This allows us to service your boat or yacht to the highest standard while providing you peace of mind that work performed by RC Marine Electric is completed at the highest level.